Author Topic: Learn 8th Edition Campaign scoring and background  (Read 1454 times)

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Learn 8th Edition Campaign scoring and background
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:37:43 PM »
Firstly - please post background stories and battle reports in this thread.

Secondly - I've put up a score sheet at

Let me know if you think anything is in error, or if you played games that you want to count for the campaign and you haven't told me about them yet.

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Re: Learn 8th Edition Campaign scoring and background
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2017, 05:48:01 PM »
It's been a slow week at work, so here's my Bat Rep from last Sunday. Enjoy.

A howling wind tore through the rocky crags of Dargga Rath, sandblasting the weathered hills and ramshackle buildings hunkered in the valley. The Bloodthirster Aiísh hurtled down from the dust-choked skies, having spotted his quarry. Below, a gigantic, ugly, smoke-belching Ork construct smashed itís way towards a waiting tide of Chaos Daemons, as diminutive green forms darted from cover to cover in an attempt to flank the infernal forces. With one last beat of his great wings, the Bloodthirster landed at the fore of his army, cratering the sand dunes around him and hurling sheets of grit and sand into the air. Lascannons whined and contrails of missiles belched into existence around the giant Ork machine as it opened its first salvo upon the Daemonic host. Unleashing a bellow like a crashing hive spire, Aiísh leveled his mighty axe at the Ork Stompa and rejoiced in the conflict that was beginning to erupt. 

This battle report is for a game I played last Sunday at the Hobby Bunker. My opponent Ben was playing Orks and excited to try out the Forge World rules for his Ork Stompa. Our armies were 2000 points apiece and we rolled up the No Mercy mission, where the only goal was utter annihilation. No objectives, just Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord, First Blood, and regular Kill Points.

Since 1,400 of Benís points were sunk into his Stompa, the rest of his forces were small, encompassing 6 other units. They were led by Grimsnik, the Ork Kommando character, a Weird Boy, a Boss with a Waaagh Banner (featuring an impressive free-hand Obama/Hope style design), 10 Nobz with Power Klawz, and 2 large units of Kommandos with 2 burnas each. The Stompa itself was kitted out with all the big crazy guns, including the lifta/droppa, the big belly cannon, and a smattering of other ramshackle weaponry. 

My list was what Iím playing on Saturday at the Battlegrounds tournament. A Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, a Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut, a Herald of Nurgle, Karanak, 3 Flamers, two 20 strong units of Bloodletters with instrument and icon, 30 Plaugebearers with instrument and icon, 5 Flesh Hounds, a Skullcannon, a Burning Chariot, and a Soul Grinder of Nurgle.

He chose the deployment style where each player sets up in a quarter of the table opposite of your opponent, with an 18Ē buffer zone in the middle. He put his Stompa on the edge of his zone, so I placed my Bloodthirster directly across from it to be as close as possible. His unit of Nobz set up in a tower further away, and his weird boy and warboss stuck close at the base of the building. Grimsnik and his 2 units of Kommandos decided to play hide and seek and wait in reserves.

I set up with my hounds, Khorne herald and Karanak clustered around the middle with my BT, the Burning Chariot and Soul Grinder holding the right flank, and the huge unit of Plaugebearers with their herald by the castle on the left. The Flamers hid behind the gate, and the Skull Cannon lurked behind the walls of the castle for cover. I kept my 2 units of Bloodletters in reserve for late game surprises.
Our warlords were Grimsnik and the Bloodthirster, unsurprsingly, and we both took the +1 Attack on a charge ability.

After we finished deploying, I failed to seize the initiative, and we were off. The Stompa lurched forwards and the characters in the back field ran after it. At the end of his movement phase, Grimsnik and a unit of Kommandos silently appeared, the Warlord behind my Skullcannon and the Komandos on a parapet behind the Nurgle daemons.  In the Psychic phase the weird boy attempted to fling the nobz across the battlefield but my Flesh Hounds denied it. I forget the exact details, but in the Shooting phase his Stompa managed to knock off 4-5 wounds on my Bloodthirser, which still left him at full capability. A scattering of other missiles and cannon shots picked off a Hound and a few Plaugebearers. The Kommandos also fired at the Plaugebearers but thanks to their Cloud of Flies rule from having 20+ models in the unit, most of the shots missed and none were slain. Grimsnik did manage to land a wound on the Skullcannon however, salvaging some pride for the sneaky Orks.

In typically Orky fashion, the Stompa charged my Bloodthirster, who was ecstatic to have his prey come to him. Grimsnik also charged the Skullcannon and dodged all overwatch fire. The Khorne Herald waded in as well with a Heroic Intervention. The Stompa missed most of itís attacks on the Bloodthirster, but did land 4 wounds on him, weakening him slightly. But thanks to the Khorne Daemons special ability granting him +1 Attack and Strength, and the nearby Herald of Khroneís strength buff, needing 2ís to wound the BT landed 26 damage on the slap-dash titan. The Herald did no damage as he sat back and watched his boss go.
The other combat between Grimsnik and the Skullcannon was indecisive, each fighter only inflicting a wound apiece. With that, the morale phase passed without event, and it was my turn 1.

In the movement phase, my Herald of Nurgle and his shambling entourage shuffled back through the gates towards the Kommandos. The Flamers flew to a safe distance on the top of the castle tower to pour fire down on the Kommandos. The Soul Grinder scuttled forwards, as the Hounds and Karanak circled around the Stompa waiting to pounce. The Burning Chariot moved to just in shooting range of the Warboss and everyone else stayed put. After everyone had moved, I attempted to summon my first unit of Bloodleters with the Blood Thirster but failed! Even with a Command point reroll! Thankfully, the Herald was able to summon the second unit, who materialized a scant 9Ē away from Grimsnik.

In the Psychic Phase, my Herald of Nurgle smote down 2 Kommandos in a torrent of filth. Wisely, Ben removed the 2 Orks closet to my Flamers, so when I shot with them, one was now out of range to the unit. Still, they killed another 3, leaving the unit at half strength. My Soul Grinder fired at the nobs but missed with everything, and the Burning Chariot declared it was shooting at the Warboss. However, since the Warboss was a character and the nearest enemy was the Stompa, engaged in close combat, I could not target either. You can only shoot at a character if itís the nearest enemy model, even if the only other target is untargetable in melee. So sad, oh well. Learning can be painful.

After my failed attempt to shoot, the fun really began, and everything charged. The Soul Grinder, Hounds and Karank charged the Stompa. The Plaugebearers charged the Kommandos, taking no casualties from Overwatch, and the newly summoned Bloodletters charged Grimsnik. Aware of the danger posed by the Stompa, I attacked with the Soul Grinder first, hoping to further degrade the titanís offensive powers. Nurgle was with me and I landed 6 wounds on it, brining it down to 8. Sensing the end was near, Ben spent 2 Command points to counter attack with the Stompa, directing everything at my Bloodthirster. Despite needing 5s to hit, he connected with 3 of attacks, leaving my Bloodthirster with 1 Wound. The Hounds and Karank then latched on, dealing another 3 wounds, leaving the Stompa at 5. The Bloodletters made short work of Grimsnik, piling over him in flurry of deadly hacks and thrusts, as the Plaugebearers dragged down 3 more Kommandos. Due to the combat rules for piling in and consolidating, about a third of my Plaugebearers could not move directly towards the Kommandos the rest of the unit was fighting, since the tail end was actually closer to the Stompa. The ones that could piled in towards the Orks, and the rest scooted closer, with a couple models in the center of the long line acting as a lynch pin. Looked strange but rules are rules. 
 Finally, it was up to my reeling Bloodthirster to slay the Stompa. The greater daemon only had 2 Attacks in his weakened state. He missed with one, so I rerolled it with a Command point, got the second hit, failed to wound with one attack, but then rolled high enough to finish the behemoth off. Huzzah!

But then, disaster. Ben rolled to check for an explosion and the die came up a 6, kicking off a chain reaction of lethal consequences. Because it was a super heavy, the range of the blast was 2D6 inches. He rolled a 9, then dealt 2D6 mortal wounds to each unit in range. My jubilant Bloodthirster was incinerated, as was my Herald of Khorne, 3 Hounds and Karank. The Soul Grinder saved a few wounds with itís disgustingly resilient rolls and suffered 5 wounds, while the Plaugebearers lost 7 in the blast, despite Ben rolling double 6ís for the amount of wounds dealt. 3 of my 4 characters were killed in one fell swoop, and what more, they were all of my Khorne leaders, so I would be unable to summon the remaining Bloodletter unit, effectively destroying it as well. Brutal.

The remainder of the turn saw the Kommandos kill 3 more Plaugebearers, dropping them to less than 20 models in the unit. Amazingly, I rolled a 1 for their morale check, and 3 Plaugebearers were restored to the unit, raising them to 20+ models again. The last Flesh Hound dissipated from the aftershock of losing itís pack mates so violently, and a single Kommando slunk out of the fight with Plaugebearers to call for ďreinforcementsĒ. As a giant crater smoldered in the center of the battlefield, a heavy rain of metal and daemon bits pattering down, my turn ended.

With roughly half of my army and ĺís of his obliterated, the turns began to move much quicker.  He moved up his Warboss closer to the center of the field and that was it for movement. Now uncontested, his Weird Boy successfully flung the Nobz 9 inches away from my Soul Grinder with whatever crazy psychic ability he has. The Nobz shot ineffectually at the Nurgle spider Daemon, then charged it with abandon. Overwatch wounded a single Nob, and the rest piled in and hammered the Soul Grinder with Strength 10 blows, battering it down to just 5 wounds. The Kommandos killed 2 Plaugebearers, but were then slain to an Ork in return. The Soul Grinder reeled from the Nob assault and flailed aimlessly at them, causing no damage. The Plaugebearers consolidated towards the big Orks and the turn passed to me.

My turn 2, I shuffled the Plaugebearers and Herald closer towards the Nobz, as the Bloodletters and Skull Cannon rounded the castle corner to lend support. The Flamers hopped down from their perch to gain a more controlling position. The Burning Chariot rocketed towards the Waaagh Banner toting Ork Character.

In the Psychic phase, the Herald of Nurgle dealt 2 mortal wounds to the Nobz, wounding one and killing another. In the shooting phase, my Burning Chariot ripped the Warboss apart with a cork-screwing stream of blue fire. In the Charge phase, the Flamers, Plaugebearers, Skull Cannon and Bloodletters all charged the Nobz, who were unceremoniously relieved of their skulls by the baying pack of Bloodletters. The Chariot charged the Weirdboy, slashing at him with razor fins and talons, but only dealt 2 damage. The Weird Boy struck back, dealing 4 Wounds to the Chariot. With only a single Ork remaining, turn 2 ended.

But wait! Having remembered at the final hour, Ben deployed his last unit of Kommandos in the pass between a hill and the castle. After the Weird Boy cast Smite and dealt 1 more Wound to the Burning Chariot, the Kommados let em rip on my flamers and Plaugebearers. They killed one Flamer and wounded a second, and blew away another Plaugebearer or two. In the Fight phase, the Weird Boy swung desperately at the Burning Chariot, needing only to inflict a single wound. But the prescience granted by Tzneetch preserved the Exalted Flamer and itís mount, who devoured the mutant Ork with hungry flames and teeth.

In my turn, the full force of te Chaos army was brought to bear on the remaining Orks. After a barrage of psychic smites, Flamer fire, Soul Grinder phlegm and Skullcannon skulls, the traumatized survivors were routed by the charge of the Plaugebearers, clearing the field of Orks. Having wiped out the foe and scoring First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker,  I had secured a resounding victory for the Chaos Daemons. The Dark Powers be praised!

Upon reflection, I knew I had to wipe out all of Benís forces, since he had so few units. Kill Points would favor him, since I had 12 units and he only had 7. I was worried he would post up on the opposite side of the board and pour turn after turn of fire into me, which would take itís toll over time despite Orkís innate inaccuracy. But since he had obligingly thrown his Stompa into combat against one of the most deadly creatures in the galaxy, the biggest threat was quickly removed, despite the heavy casualties itís departure inflicted. The rest of the Ork army either popped up in close quarters or was telepathically transported to the front of my army, which is where I always want my enemies to be.

We talked about it after and he agreed that keeping me at armís reach for as long as possible would have been ideal. He mentioned he forgot that his Stompa could (ironically) no longer stomp in the new edition, and thus lost a lot of itís melee power.
Still, the game was a blast, I had a great time playing against Orks for the first time in years, and Ben was a fantastic opponent. Hope you guys enjoyed the report and thanks for reading!
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