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What: 40k Doubles Tournament
Where: Pandemonium Books and Games
When: 4/1/17 - Dice roll at 10AM

What to bring:
At least 5 copies of your army list.  Army Builder and BattleScribe format is fine.
All the minis you need to play. Non-miniature stand-ins are not permitted.
Measuring Tape, Dice, Templates, Psychic cards, etc.
Official print-outs of all the rules youíll be using. This means codexes or print-outs of pdfs. Army Builder / BattleScribe / Hand typed is NOT OK. If you donít have the printed rules ready to reference, you canít use it.
$20 ($15 for Ardboyz members in good standing)

The tournament will consist of 3 rounds of standard ITC missions.
After 3 rounds, the winners will be declared.

Prizes will be available for the following categories:
Hobby Champions (Highest Overall Score)
General Petersons (Highest Battle Points + Sportsmanship)
I Paint Better than Bobby (Highest Painting Score - Single award)
Smokiní Boots (Lowest Battle Points)

Hobby Champions award will be scored based on the following criteria:
Battle Points (45%)
Painting (35%)

Army Comp:
Teams of two players with 1250 pt apiece for 2500 pt total.
Battle Forged armies only. No Unbound lists are allowed.
Teams have 3 Formations to share between them.
These formations can be: Single Formations, CADs, Allied Detachments, Decurion-style Formations, etc.
Teams may have 0-1 super heavy/gargantuan.  This unit takes up its own Formation, in addition to any force org requirements needed to take it.
A Detachment may not be included in an army if it is Come the Apocalypse allies with another Detachment in the army.

Restrictions/Source Material (Standard ITC Stuff):
All current source material (excepting what is restricted below) is allowed including GW Codexes, Dataslates, Formations, and current and experimental Forge World units and detachments. All units in these Army Lists are played exactly as they are listed for points cost, stats, etc. out of their respective books. You can not use the stats or points cost listed in the base GW Codexes when using FW rules, even in the case where a unit has the same name unless specifically noted otherwise. In instances there are two versions of the same rules as with the Inquisition/Imperial Agents, you may use either book. However, you must note on your army list which rules you are using and may not use both in the same list.
Neither the Imperial Space marine or the Death from the Skies Supplement are being used in standard ITC tournaments.
The Forge World army lists below are not allowed. Please note, Horus Heresy/30K units are not allowed.
The Dark Harvest army list is not allowed, although 40k approved units in it that can be purchased outside of the Dark Harvest detachment are allowed.
Army lists in Imperial Armor 3, 2nd Ed: Elysian Drop Troops and Imperial Guard Tallarn upgrade and Mukaali Rough Riders.
Army lists in Imperial Armor 1, 2nd Ed: Armored Battle Group. Note: All units in this Army List are played exactly as they are listed, points cost, stats, etc. You can not use the stats or points cost listed in Codex: Astra Militarum even in the case where a unit has the same name.
Reference our Imperial Armor Unit Index for the most recent rules for Forge World units.
All fortification data slates and upgrades from the Stronghold Assault book and data slates such as the Plasma Obliterator are allowed. The Macro Cannon Aquila Strongpoint and the Vortex Missile Aquila Strongpoint are not allowed.
No Fortification Networks may be taken. We define a Fortification Network as those listed as such in their dataslate or a dataslate with more than 1 Fortification in it such as the Tidewall Gunfort.
Regardless of Detachments, no more than 2 Fortifications and/or 1 Super Heavy/Gargantuan Lord of War may be taken from the allowed LoW list with the following exceptions:
One detachment in your army may include an Imperial Knight or Renegade Knight. So long as the detachment restrictions allow for multiple LoW, you may exceed the 0-1 LoW restriction within this detachment so long as all other LoW are also Imperial Knights or Renegade Knights.
 One detachment in your army may include a unit of Tau Stormsurges. This unit may contain more than one Stormsurge model.
Selection Criteria: We use the following guidelines to determine which Super Heavy/Gargantuan Creature LoW are allowed into the ITC format. For a list of allowable LoW by faction, see Appendix 1. A LoW choice is allowed so long as it does not violate any of the following:
It has a larger than 5″ blast D Weapon.
It has a Hellstorm Template weapon with Torrent.
It has a larger than 5″ blast weapon that ignores cover.
Is a Super Heavy Flyer or Flying Gargantuan Creature.
It has a ďTitanĒ stat line. We mean by this LoW that have a stat line similar to or better than any of the Titan class Super Heavy Vehicles (Warhound, Revenant, etc.), Titan class Gargantuan Creatures (Hierophant, Tauínar), or Daemon Lords.
If a LoW has easy access to means to violate the above criteria such as through Psychic Powers, or wargear such as Marker Lights paired with a LoW with a larger than 5″ blast weapon, etc. In the case that we can simply disallow the wargear item we do that instead such as with the Battle of Keylak Legacy of Glory on Imperial LoW.
Exception: We allow units that violate one or more of the above guidelines in if they prove to not be overwhelming in power. To date, this has only been done to allow in some Super Heavy Flyers.
If one player has a Super Heavy/Gargantuan LoW and the other does not, the player without can roll on the Escalation Warlord Table and gains +1 to Seize the Initiative.
All non-super heavy/gargantuan LoW are allowed, such as Dante or Azrael.

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