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Your Current Club Officers
« on: June 08, 2011, 06:03:09 PM »
This thread is dedicated to who your current Ardboyz Officers are.

How are we organized?

The Ardboyz once upon a time had a rigid club structure, but has since faded into a ruling council of evil.  The format is designed so that no one person can hand out a decree without consulting the other members and so that the responsibilities don't fall on a single individual.  That being said, there are seven members of this at any given time.

Who are they now?

Sean Harrison - "Quality Champion"
Shawn Burke - "Perturabo"
Fred Janney - "Caramel KHORNE!"
Josh Danker - "foehammer"
Tyler Barg - "NallTWD"
Robert Peterson - "Rpnightsend"
The Council of Elders

Who are the Council of Elders?

The council form the 7th spot in our administrative body.  It is made up of former officers and associates of the club who serve as advisers and provide additional help when needed. 

Active Members:
Luis Rivero - "Sword Brethren"
Kevin Doherty - "VortexCortex"

Inactive Members:

How Do I Become An Officer?
When needed, the current club administration will put out a call for applicants.  At that time, we'll take into account the strengths of each person who applies and how they could benefit the club.  We will vote internally on who the best candidate is, then present him or her to the club as a whole for final yay or nay.   Even during times when officers aren't required, applicants may still step forward to let their voices be heard.

Are Officers Permanent?
Not by any means!  The roles are voluntary and at any time an officer can step down.  Though becoming one doesn't have a time limit attached, chances are, each one will want to pass the torch at some point when life outside of the club demands more attention than what you're able to give.  Though infrequent, it does happen.
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