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Title: WARHAMMER 40k TOURNAMENT - 9/9/17 1500 Singles
Post by: Miles The Mighty on July 17, 2017, 10:12:41 PM
It'll be an 1500 tournament with 3 rounds. 
Starting time TBD. (waiting for confirmation from Pande)

All of the current source material will be legal (unless some bull*stuff* comes out between now and the tournament).  No Lords of War, no more than 3 detachments per army.

Missions will be pre-made using the deployment variants and mission objectives from the core book.  Might use the ITC combined arms missions or something very similar. Players will not need to place objectives.  Players who finish deploying first will go first in the mission.

UPDATE:  We will be using the NOVA invitational packet and rule modifications, which can be found here: (

Missions will be in the NOVA style (choose your own Primary and 3 secondary), the primary objectives and deployment types will be custom for this event.  The secondary and tertiary objectives will be from the NOVA packet.

Models must be fully assembled and WYSIWYG.  Proxies or conversions must be cleared with the T.O. (me)  I will err on the side of letting people play with their toys, but let's not have anything ridiculous like solo-cup drop pods.

Prizes will be given for:

We can add additional prizes if we get a large number of players.
$20 per player, $15 per Ardboy in good standing.

To RSVP email