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Title: Halloween 40k Kill Team Event!
Post by: rpnightsend on October 21, 2016, 10:25:19 AM
GW has provided us with some special Kill Team Missions for Halloween this year. If you'll be making it to our normal Monday club night on Halloween we've got a few special missions. Some of these are different than normal kill team games so if you want to play make sure you have the stuff for them:

1. Four-Man Free For All (Normal Force Org)
2. Hero Arena (Everyone Take a Single 200 Point Character)
3. Monster Hunt (One Player Gets a Single Vehicle or Monster, the Other Has a Normal Kill Team)

I'll bring in stuff to play any of these missions, and we should have time for everyone to play at least 2 of these missions, probably all 3. There's no sign-ups or anything necessary and I'll have the mission packets when I come in around 4 or 5.